Asensia works to relieve multiple signs of menopause by naturally balancing estrogen and progesterone making you feel like yourself again.

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Naturally supports a women's body to achieve youthful hormone balance.





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What is Asensia®?

Asensia® is a natural supplement that helps a woman’s body make more of its own hormones to achieve a Youthful Hormone Balance®.

Asensia® does NOT contain hormones. As a result, Asensia® does not elevate hormone levels to an artificially high level, but instead raises them to what’s normal for a younger woman. The Asensia® formula has been shown at a Stanford University School of Medicine study, to improve progesterone levels in women in child bearing age. Many women self report improvement within 1 week, almost all within 1 month of taking Asensia® daily. The Asensia® formula significantly improves the negative symptoms of hormone decline and imbalance that naturally occurs as a woman ages and that can be accelerated by exposure to endocrine (hormone) disruptors. It achieves this primarily by naturally balancing progesterone levels.


Why should I take Asensia®?

Asensia® is a natural alternative to therapies that may have potential undesired side-effects. Taking external hormones come with the risk of under dosing or overdosing unless you make the effort to have your hormone levels measured frequently by your health care provider.

Why should I expect when I first start taking Asensia®?

Within a week of taking Asensia®, you may notice your mood improving before the other physical health benefits become noticeable in about 3-4 weeks. While it varies from woman to woman, it is possible that you may have a response you’re unfamiliar with because as your body begins normalizing progesterone, your cycle may shift slightly into a new pattern. This is typical. Your body will adjust and you should have no ongoing shifts or changes while taking Asensia®.

Some things you might experience based on women using Asensia®:

  • “Resetting” of your cycle where you start or stop your cycle on a day not typical for you.
  • Lighter, heavier or bleeding again after you’ve stopped as part of the normal path of hormone decline.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules per day. It’s best to take the capsules throughout the day, one with each meal. We do not recommend taking more than one capsule at any one time. While taking more than one capsule at a time will not harm you, you may feel a “surge” as your body produces more progesterone.

Supplement Facts


Our Ingredients

Asensia® contains a proprietary formula of L-Arginine, chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus), green tea (Camellia sinensis), vitamins E, B6, B12, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium. We source our raw ingredients from only the best producers. Sometimes that means it costs more, but it enables us to ensure the consistency and efficacy of each ingredient alone and synergistically.

Here’s what each key ingredient does:



An amino acid that helps increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps increase circulation and has been shown to improve ovarian response. It can also increase sexual response and libido.



Acts on the hypothalamus and the pituitary. It is believed to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), and mildly inhibit follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). The result is a shift in the ratio, favoring progesterone to estrogen helping the body produce more of its own progesterone.


Green Tea

A powerful antioxidant. It helps to promote proper inflammatory response in the body which in turn may translate in better stress management. The combination of the antioxidants green tea, vitamin E and selenium improves the function of any one antioxidant alone.


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These are real reviews from women who took Asensia for at least 30 days. If you’re experiencing symptoms like mood swings, poor sleep, anxiety or just feel less like yourself, you probably have low progesterone and as a result, estrogen dominance. Asensia can help!


“I feel more in control, connected.” [★★★★]

“Since I started taking Asensia®, I have a feeling of more sustained energy throughout the day with less mood fluctuations. Now, I feel more in control, connected. I feel I can tackle my days with more energy.”"
– Sharla H.

“Both, hot flashes and mood swings stopped” [★★★★]

This product is amazing!! Both, hot flashes and mood swings stopped and, I was full of energy. If you’re looking for a natural remedy, I suggest giving it a try. 
– Shannon D

“I am so much more productive and efficient” [★★★★]

t’s made me happy, which makes my family happy! I’m not so snappy and the fact that I am so much more productive and efficient makes a huge difference. I feel like I have more of a glow and more energy and I feel like I’ve slept better. My eyes are brighter and I feel like my skin looks better. It’s just a better start to the day, I’m just much more happy, positive and productive! 
– Linda R

“Wonderful product; very calming” [★★★★]

“Wonderful product; very calming. My daughter also uses it and states that it has markedly decreased her underarm sweating. Contains B6 and B12 for the nervous system along with Vit E., magnesium, folate, iron, selenium, L-arginine, chasteberry and green tea extract. Please use the dosage as stated which is 3 capsules spaced out during the day: the lowest dosage can be AM and PM but you will get better results with three times per day. Set your phone alarm for the lunchtime dose!” 
– Velasca D.

“Sleeping better and feeling better” [★★★★]

“When I started taking Asensia®, it felt like I got a boost with more energy – sleeping better and feeling better. I felt like I went from being a dull version of myself to getting back to how I used to feel – my real self..”  
– Brandee