Erectile Disfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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According to the Alternative Medicine Review, as many as 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. You are not alone. If you are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, there are many benefits to seeking treatment. Not only is erectile dysfunction highly treatable, it is also sometimes the …

Male cycling

Bike Riding and Infertility

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Bike riding has been blamed for low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, and even testicular cancer, but what does the research say? Can bike riding really lead to infertility, fertility issues, and erectile dysfunction? Like many questions involving health, the answer lies in the details. First, let’s be clear: exercise and …

sperm counts decreasing

Are Sperm Counts Decreasing?

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When research published in Human Reproduction Update noted that sperm counts have steadily declined between 1973 and 2011, with the average decline being around 53%, the results alarmed many writers, scientists, and doctors. The study, which was a meta-analysis (basically, meta-analysis is a type of research that compiles the statistical …

Mens IVF Guide

Men’s Guide to I.V.F.: How to Navigate Your Role Successfully Before, During, and After Treatment

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Medically, the male role in the I.V.F. cycle involves the sperm retrieval process, which coincides with the woman’s “follicle aspiration” procedure—the procedure used to retrieve the eggs. Men may not realize it, but just as women have a monthly cycle, male sperm production is also cyclical. Basically, what this all …

What Lowers Sperm Count? Stay Cool. Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, Laptops May Impact Male Fertility

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Key Takeaways From This Article: Heat exposure to the testicles is known to impact sperm production. Sperm is very sensitive to temperature changes and is produced at temperatures lower than body temperature. Men’s choices can impact sperm count, especially when those choices expose the scrotum to excessive heat. Men who …

millennial depression

The Millennial Generation and Depression

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A lot has been said about the millennial generation. Some have called the generation both too apathetic or too sensitive. Others have praised the generation for their innovativeness and their ability to constantly recreate themselves. But one thing is for sure about the millennial generation—it is a generation obsessed with …