heart disease

What’s the connection between hormone imbalance and diabetes, heart disease, and bone disease?

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You probably know hormone imbalance impacts your mood, your weight, and your skin. But how does it affect these life-threatening conditions? When we talk about serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and bone disease, it’s easy to think of them as issues with isolated causes. Diabetes? Problems with insulin. …

hot flash

Hot Flashes Are a Red Flag Your Body Is Sending To Alert You About Your Hormone Imbalance, But Why Are they Still A Mystery To You?

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If there’s one symptom relating to your hormone imbalance, that almost everyone is familiar with, it’s hot flashes. A common symptom of menopause, hot flashes are even used in movies as a condescending iconic vehicle to “show” that the character is weak and menopausal. That’s not right, it’s not fair …


Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Understand Your Symptoms

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Not every doctor is trained in hormone health. Here’s how to ask the right questions, and advocate for correct diagnoses and treatment. Does it ever feel like you and your doctor are speaking two different languages? Or, that you are being prescribed treatment that doesn’t seem quite right? You’re not …

4 hormones

4 Hormones You Need to Know

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  The following excerpt from Vitacost talks about the ever-present hormones in your body and the profound influence they have on your energy, thoughts, behaviors, and health. The first step towards attaining hormonal health is to understand what these chemicals coursing through your body actually are, and then discussing with your physician and getting …