millennial depression

The Millennial Generation and Depression

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A lot has been said about the millennial generation. Some have called the generation both too apathetic or too sensitive. Others have praised the generation for their innovativeness and their ability to constantly recreate themselves. But one thing is for sure about the millennial generation—it is a generation obsessed with …

Inheriting Infertility

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Key Takeaways From This Article: fertility levels are on a downward trend all across the globe researchers are noticing that infertility may be an inheritable trait a person’s lifetime fertility levels is created mostly during the fetal stages  seasons, stress, and changing societal norms are contributing to potential intergenerational infertility …

sex and mental health

How Does Sex Affect Your Mental Health?

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Key Takeaways From This Article: Masturbation can improve mental health/self-esteem BDSM correlates with mental health Depression can decrease your sex drive OCD can correlate with hypersexuality Casual sex can impact your mental health Sex can ease depressive symptoms Sex can ease anxiety symptoms ________________________________________ Sex and mental health   a …

Understanding Sex Addiction

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What is sex addiction? What are the symptoms of sex addiction? What are some common causes? What kind of treatment or therapy is available? These are questions that are not as easy to answer as it would be if the topic was on another behavioral problem such as eating disorders. …