Korean Skincare

The Popularity of Korean Skincare

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Anyone interested in skincare will know that the biggest trend over the last few years has been the ever increasing popularity of Korean skincare. At first only finding exotic high end Korean products selectively available to now finding Korean face masks and serums available at Walmart, this beauty craze has …

Male Infertility

Can Climate Change Be Causing Male Infertility?

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For many, when we hear the word ‘infertility,’ the first image to pop into our minds is the image of a heartbroken woman. The word infertility has almost become synonymous with women and entire industries have developed around ‘fixing’ the problem. You can find in-person and online support groups for …

Asian Skincare

Whitening Skin In Asia

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With the meteoric rise in popularity for Asian skincare, especially Korean skincare, it’s sometimes easy to forget exactly what market these products were initially made for. With nearly everyone stocking their shelves with Asian beauty products, it seems  they were made for everybody and every skin type. But if we …

Hormone imbalance in your kids.

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What foods you shouldn’t be feeding them and a few other products to avoid. When we talk about “hormone imbalance,” we’re usually referring to adults. But kids have hormones too, and imbalances are not unheard of. Did you know that certain lifestyle choices can actually cause hormone imbalance in your …


What is the Effect of Self-Care on Hormone Health?

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Do things like meditation and good food really have an impact? Most of us view stress as a way of life, or even a badge of honor. How many times have you heard someone (perhaps yourself) lament, “I wish I could do X, but I’m just so busy!” Often, “busy” …