The Daily Wellness company has been formulating, developing and clinically testing unique dietary supplement products for its customers for
over 20 years.

The Daily Wellness company has been formulating, developing and clinically testing unique dietary supplement products for its customers for over 20 years.

Who We Are.

We know that health and wellness is both personal and emotional. We also know that it is complex and often confusing. To empower you, we strive to provide you the “big picture” on a health issue, what’s going on in your body, how things affect each other, and what is known and what is uncertain.

We continue to work to be a company that demonstrates leadership and innovation in moving the world toward a place where people are proactive and empowered to care for their wellness and those around them. Recognizing that wellness is a crucial step toward a person feeling they can “give a bit more than they take”, a simple philosophy that goes far in making the world a better place.

We Promise To.

Be open

Disclose biases and limitations to help you make an informed decision. We discuss conventional and natural solutions in this light.

Be clear

Strive to make things as easy to understand and in graphical form whenver possible. We help you decide what's right for you.

Be Honest

Shed light on things that may be hidden or unavailable to you from other sources.

Be Transparent

Be transparent about our own process, people, testing and formulas.

Our People.

Denny Kwock

President & CEO

Denny Kwock has been with The Daily Wellness Company since 1997. Prior to joining the company, Denny was the founder and president of a product development consulting firm for 11 years. The firm successfully developed and marketed products in diverse areas ranging from genetic therapy, surgical implants, to consumer goods. Denny also spent 10 years as a Research Associate at University of Hawaii School of Medicine conducting research in the areas of hematology, retrovirology, molecular biology, including work on FDA clinical trials. He is the author of numerous medical research publications and has been granted several patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Denny holds a B.A. in Finance from the University of Hawaii School of Business. Denny enjoys spending time in the ocean, hiking, running, non-fiction reading, house and tech-house, rehabbing wild birds, and being a Vistage member. A favorite quote of his: "The best is yet to come."

cindy woods

Director of Brand Development

Dr. Cindy Woods is Director of Brand Development at Daily Wellness. She’s an entrepreneur focused in women’s health and sports nutrition developing products and programs for professional NFL, MLB, NBA and Olympic level athletes and women’s fitness. Specialties include readying athletes for the NFL combine and Olympic trials, and mental training in high stress environments. Her work in product development includes launches in the food, health, beauty, and performance spaces. Her research work includes study in consumer behavior, media representation of minorities, and violence against women. Dr. Woods was part of the first dedicated research team on Domestic Violence at the then new department at San Francisco’s Judicial Council. She offers unique psychological insights into human behavior, personal motivation and drive. She holds a B.A. and master’s in psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is a former competitive bodybuilder, winning a North American Natural title in 1998, appearing in national fitness magazines.

Randy Wight

Director of Sales and Marketing

Randy Wight has been working with The Daily Wellness Company for 11 years. An industry specialist and sales innovator for over 3 decades. Mr. Wight offers retail insight into the challenges faced by today’s resellers. Distribution and sales success continues to be keyed through staff development and the relationship management of retailers such as 24 Hour Fitness, General Nutrition Centers (GNC), iHerb, UNFI, and Vitamin Shoppe. The author of “Geomic Code Unlocking the Mystery of Unconscious Choice”, an inventor of nutritional products, Randy’s list of accomplishments also includes providing corporate voice over work. He is a founding member and regular player in Act II improv, you may also find Randy instructing his comedy workshops at his Funny Bone Productions studio in Martinez California, where he makes his home.

Paula Page

Director of Public Relations

Paula Page has been with the Daily Wellness Company since 1997. A PR professional specializing in the areas of health, biotechnology and philanthropy, she thrives on securing media for her clients that makes a positive impact. Her publicity background spans 20 years; 15 of those managing her own boutique firm. She’s conducted media outreach across numerous digital, print, and broadcast outlets, orchestrated national press conferences, produced and managed the distribution of video news releases and facilitated social media development. During her publicity tenure, she's placed her clients on national TV shows such as NBC Nightly News, CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and in top-tier print publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, National Geographic, Businessweek, VOGUE, Glamour, O Magazine, Town & Country, Newsweek and more. Paula holds a B.A. in English Literature from UCLA and is founder of

Steve George

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Steve George handles much of the day to day operations and logistics including purchasing, B2B processing and international development as well as helping with inventory and fulfillment centers needs.  Prior, Steve worked in the tech sector in Silicon Valley and has a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy from Berkeley and a MBA from the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii as well as a Certificate in International Entrepreneurship from the Pacific Asian Management Institute. In his spare time, Steve likes to trail run with his dogs and work in the garden. He also has a thriving aquaponics system that produces much of their greens every month.

Jackie Gouvea Suzuki

Administrative Manager

If you have a question about our products, Jackie Gouvea Suzuki is your gal. She loves helping customers, and has been fielding telephone calls and emails for The Daily Wellness since 2006. She is knowledgeable about our product line and can field questions from ingredients to usage to anything in between. During her downtime, Jackie and her girls enjoy the outdoors, crafts and cooking, as well as a little retail therapy now and then too.

Shawn Wei

Director of Marketing - China

Shawn Wei developed a curious mind and a strong passion to become an entrepreneur at a young age. He founded his first company specializing in international trade for consumer products during undergraduate studies at UCLA. With creative strategies and responsive maneuvers, his company became one of the top performers in the industry in less than 4 years. He is always interested in engaging with new ventures. Shawn served as an independent business consultant and retired as the President and CEO, offering his expertise in e-commerce and international trade to help many companies in different fields grow to the next level. When he is not busy working, Shawn likes watching basketball and movies, playing golf, flying airplanes, reading novels, and spending time with his family. Shawn studied Economics at UCLA, and MBA concentration in Finance at USC.

colleen casey

Retail Sales Specialist

Colleen Casey joined The Daily Wellness Company in the Summer of 2013. In 2003, Colleen was part of the original team (Medical Research Institute) that launched the nitric oxide category. She remained part of the MRI team for nearly 10 years and contributes an extensive knowledge of vitamins, supplements and ingredients as well as tremendous experience with the workings of major vitamin retailers such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Colleen has held several sales and marketing positions within the vitamin and supplement industry. In her personal time, Colleen enjoys working out as well as training her friends and family. She is passionate about fitness and health and hopes to motivate others to find their own passion for health. Her favorite place is the beach, her favorite animal is her dog Zoe and her favorite person is her Nephew Noah.

Dean Odysseus Yacalis

Director of Social Responsibility

Odysseus Yacalis is proud to be the community liaison in charge of managing the company’s social and environmental impact. He has nurtured a career as a storyteller, striving to inspire, nurture and activate. His extensive body of work includes directing dozens of theater productions in London, NY and Los Angeles, where he accumulated numerous awards and also served as Artistic Director of a prestigious LA theater. As an actor he has appeared on Broadway on London's West End and in Hollywood films. He has written several screenplays, two novels, a non-fiction book on parenting, and published two coffee table photo books integrating his photographic works. Odysseus has spent the last decade in Hawaii working on numerous community projects. Although his daily practice includes Zen Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qiqong and Yoga, a favorite quote comes from the Bible, "What does it profit a man if he gains the World, but loses his soul?"

sarah gibson

Website Design

Sarah Gibson joined The Daily Wellness Company in 2016. Before joining the team Sarah spent seven years as a Washington, DC based producer, web designer, photographer and production manager. working on television shows for Fox, Tru TV, MSNBC, Mojo and the Discovery Channel. She worked as a public relations, marketing and merchandise manager for the Gerald Pelletier family, known for the Discovery television program, American Loggers and gained additional experience as a Marketing Executive with a Maryland based software company and a Creative Services manager for a nation wide photography firm. Sarah received a Bachelors in Telecommunication/Fine Arts, with a concentration in graphic design and photography, from Indiana University. Sarah enjoys showing her creativity in wood art projects, nature photography, and spending time on the lake near her home.

Ricardo Bernardini

Graphic Design

I’m Ricardo Bernardini, and I Design and create visual experiences. I’ve been working with The Daily Wellness Company for over ten years. During this time, I have helped design fresh looks to a series of products and campaigns, maintaining continuity for the Daily Wellness brand across the board. I love to design incredible visuals and draw ideas from my life experiences. I believe that enough is never enough, and great design should need no words to describe it. If you were to describe me in one word, it might be “curiosity.” It allows me to be open, progressive and allows me to be constantly learning new things. I believe that the journey is the reward and that we should enjoy today. I believe that hard, smart, and honest work always leads to great things. Over the past 20 years, I have created motion graphics and FX shots for EA Sports, Disney's them parks, and HBO Games of Thrones promos for Latin America. Most recently, I wrote and directed two award-winning short films, "92MARS" and "I AM HERO." I enjoy teaching and speaking to those who are hungry to learn. I’ve been a consultant, a teacher, and a speaker in subjects such as storytelling, animation, design, and the future of technology.